Meet Lew

“As a common sense patriot, I’m running to secure our borders, tackle inflation, protect our freedoms, and make life more affordable for our families.“


Faith, family, hard and honest work, love of country, and a belief that community, not government, should be the first responder to those in need define Lew Webb’s life. With his wife of almost 39 years, Laura, and surrounded by their four daughters, sons-in-law, and seven grandchildren, Lew has made southwest Colorado his home for 24 years.

Originating in the coal fields of Appalachia, Lew’s family journey to Colorado began with his parents’ move from West Virginia to California in search of a better future. There, Lew’s father started the Webb Automotive Group from the ground up, and with a knack for entrepreneurship, father and son created a success story that provided jobs for almost 1,100 families. Their business philosophy focused on delivering excellent service, lasting relationships, and favored a steady, honest profit over quick, large margins. This approach made their automotive group one of America’s fastest-growing private companies in the late 90’s. Embracing principles found on small-town Main Street—not those of New York and Wall Street—is what mattered most. For Lew, there was no greater reward than seeing a smile brighten the faces of first time car owners when he handed over the keys.

After the family business was sold, and witnessing California’s transformation into a state marred by corruption, high crime, and an environment that favored the rights of criminals over the rights of honest citizens, Lew and Laura heard the calling to Durango, Colorado, as the place to continue raising their young family. Here, they found a community that shared their values of hard work, faith, and responsibility. Inspired by his deep faith and and love for the area, Lew financed and built a mountain retreat to support missionaries, struggling pastors and church groups, providing a haven for those in ministry seeking spiritual, emotional, and physical replenishment.

With SW Colorado’s landscape shifting away from the conservative values that drew him here, Lew is taking a stand. Running for Congress in Colorado’s 3rd District, he is committed to fighting for his community  against governmental overreach, to secure our borders, provide relief for working families, and to protect the freedoms that define the American way of life for our ranchers, farmers and small businesses, the life blood of our economy. With great business success coupled with a deep commitment to his community, Lew will deliver a powerful dose of Common Sense values to Washington for his grandkids and for yours.